I’ve been writing.  Or rather, trying to write…  But lately, writing is hard.

I had this new idea for a new book.  And It was AWESOME.  I was so excited, and I planned the whole thing out.  I made Jennifer Miller sit down with me so I could plot it all out, and by the time we were done we were like this.


It was going to be awesome.  It was going to be AMAZING.  It was going to have more Jonah, and Wren, and a few glimpses of Avery and Gabe.  There were going to be shenanigans and crazy happenings.  There was going to be a hot guy, in a band.  It was perfect.

And then I started writing it.  And suddenly it wasn’t perfect anymore.  It was…  it was…  well.  It sucked.


So.  I shelved it for a bit.

It didn’t take long for me to have a new shiny idea.  The kind of shiny idea that will make a deep, dark, intense read.  The kind of shiny idea that was the complete opposite of the other one I had been working on.  It was going to be brilliant.  It would be a masterpiece.  People would UGLY CRY while they were reading it.  It was going to be beautiful, sweet torture to read.


So, once again I plotted it all out.  I spent hours making notecards and planning out pivotal scenes.  But when it came time to sit and write, my characters were silent.

They could not be bothered to speak.


I tried to force the words to come…  But, it didn’t work.


I’ve been taking it all in stride…  Obviously.


After two failed attempts at starting a new story, what’s a girl to do?  Well, clearly the only answer is to keep going forward.  I have dusted off an old bit of story that I saved a while back.  Something about it is speaking to me.  I think it may just be the one I’m supposed to be writing next.

It’s time to pour another cup of coffee.


There’s work to be done.