Walk into the storm with your eyes open and your heart exposed. The rain will bite and sting, but it's clear on the other side. (1)

When I wrote Raincheck I was coming out of a really heavy, dark time.  There had been a number of deaths in our family in the months before and I found I really just wanted to do something light.  I abandoned the project I had been working on in favor of a story that was pure fluff.  And it worked.  Now, the book may not be the most amazing thing to ever hit your kindle, but it was exactly what I needed to be doing at that time.

Now, I find myself in another situation where I’m finding it difficult to devote my time and energy to a writing project that is heavy.  The last two years since Raincheck released have been a mixture of beauty and pain.  So many wonderful things have happened, but there was also a period of time in there that was just hard.  Despite all the gifts that that time brought into my life (so many beautiful things over the last year) there are things that cause my breath to catch and my stomach to clench and I sometimes have to take a moment to tell myself that it is ok if everything isn’t as I imagined it might be.

I’ve rewritten the first 10k words of this manuscript more times than I can actually remember at this point, and I am happy with where it is now, but I am apprehensive about where it is taking me.  This book is hard.  I have been tempted to remove the difficult parts and turn it into something different, but I’m not going to.  I’m just going to keep walking through it, until it clears.  Just like I do with life.  <3