Random photo of dried flower…

I have been seriously failing at my 500 words a day.  I have lots of words in my head, but none of them are making it onto my blog.  I feel like I have nothing all that important to say.  Which is silly because I will post all kinds of nonsense on facebook.

So, here’s what I’ve been up to, in no particular order:

Yoga.  I am not talented in the ways of yoga.  I have a lot of friends who are full on yoga masters, this is not who I am though.  It’s a bit like dancing.  You know those people, who have bodies that can move and they don’t trip all over their own feet and look like Elaine on Seinfeld?  Well, I cannot dance without looking like a muppet.  I also cannot yoga without looking like a donkey.  Perhaps that is why it is called a “yoga practice” because I will have to practice forever and ever to be able to balance my body in most of those poses.

Writing.  I am supposed to be writing a book again.  If you have ever stopped by this blog you will know I have been working on it for some time now, and my progress is always about the same.  The words come slowly for some reason.  They do NOT want to flow in the shape of a story…  But my book has a fabulous title and blurb.  If only I could transfer that fabulousness to the actual book.

Dreaming about our house.  We are in the process of buying a house.  This will be the 4th house we’ve purchased in our 15 years of marriage.  This house is also the one we intend to stay in for the rest of forever.  Or…  at least while we have kids at home.  I lovingly call it Fugly house.  It happens to have a hideous kitchen that will be getting completely made over.  With paint.  I will be painting ALL the things.  From the cabinets, to the appliances, to the walls and ceiling… all the way down to the tile floors.  Yes, painting tile floors is actually a thing.  I did not know this.  Pinterest told me.  Thank you Pinterest!  So…  if anyone local really loves painting, I could use your help in a few weeks.  😀

Summer break.  The kids have been out of school for nearly 2 weeks.  My brain is on overload.  So.Much.Noise!  Small people are loud people.  Today Kid 1 is at the mall so it’s a little less loud.  But, seriously.  Summer is so noisy.  And I’m already looking forward to school starting again.  I love my small people, I do.  But I am a better human when I get alone time during the day.

So, I guess my life is boring, and I should get back to writing my book.  My laptop has 93% battery left and my husband took my charger cord with him out of town, so I should use this time wisely I guess.  Hopefully tomorrow I have something more interesting to write about, otherwise I’ll be forced to leave my cave and go out in the real world for inspiration…  *gasp*