Time has been moving along at a steady pace.  It doesn’t seem like over a year since I’ve written here, but it has been.

A lot of beautiful things have happened, and a lot of stressful things.  But I’ve found myself stuck with words.  They just haven’t wanted to come.  This isn’t a new thing, I have been stuck for several years and it has been frustrating.  I’m working on a writing project now–a book that has been in my head for some time– and the ideas are there.   The knowledge of where the story goes is there.  It’s just when I sit down to write nothing comes.

In December our lives ended up taking a turn that we hadn’t expected.  I’m still stressed out by it.  Every day I feel this weight of anxiety sitting on my chest and I grasp at things hoping I can control what happens next.  But you can’t control what happens next.  So I started using CBD and it helps some.  I vape it, and it comes in different flavors which is fun.  I call it air dessert, because some of the flavors remind me of foods like cake or cookies.  Since being diagnosed with Celiac disease last year I haven’t really been able to eat those foods so the vape flavors are fun.

I’m trying to get above it all so I can finish this book.  I have goals.  And a deadline.  And a best friend to sit next to at signings and be goofy with.  We are Lucy and Ethel…  but we write books.  I will meet this deadline.

There are a lot of things to update on, but too many to write about now.  I just wanted to get back here to my online space and put something down.  I have a goal this year to write in my blog regularly and if I don’t start now I will never do it.  So.  Here I am.