Summer vacation is hard for me. The never ending noise and constant output of energy and motion from my boys can sometimes take over and feel very overwhelming. I am the kind of person who really enjoys a quiet space. My kind of fun is reading a good book or sitting in a coffee shop writing.

This summer has been particularly stressful because we moved again and everything is just all kinds of crazy as we try to unpack and find places for the things we brought with us.

In addition to moving I am trying to write my next book, as well as figure out the school situation for our boys next year. I will be homeschooling Kid 2… This doesn’t thrill me, but it is the right decision for him this year. I’m looking into different homeschooling options now. Any input from any of you lovelies who have done this would be greatly appreciated as it will be very new for me.

All that said, even with the stresses this summer is pretty great. I just plugged one of my diffusers in and started diffusing one of my favorite oil blends, already I can feel some of the tension leaving. I’m getting ready to request some information from an online school for Kid 2, and I have my notebook next to me so I can plot out the next scene for my book.

Life is beautiful.

How is your summer? <3