try again


So.  Things suck lately.  Not all the things of course, but there are lots of things that are filled with suck, and I feel rather blah about it all.  Yes, we were supposed to be moving into our house already.  No, it isn’t happening yet.  No.  I don’t know when exactly it will.  No, I don’t have any other answers right now other than that.  Yes there are some other things that suck really bad right now and I don’t feel like talking about any of it.  So…  It sucks.  Hopefully we will know more soon and have the move in date.  I really really want to be living in our house.  I really want to be painting and moving furniture around.  I keep getting my hopes up and then something else falls through and it’s honestly exhausting at this point.  My poor husband has been running himself ragged trying to get things ready.  I guess the universe wants us to be patient.  Or something.

Anyway, because things suck, I guess I want to focus on some things that don’t suck…  Here is a list.

  • I have a BEAUTIFUL cover for The Difference Between Falling and Flying.  It is ready to share soon, but I am still working on finishing up the book.  I cannot wait to share this one.  It surpassed all of my expectations.
  • We have not moved yet, but I still have every reason to believe that we WILL be moving soon-ish.  It’s just some stupid hoop we have to jump through.
  • Even if we don’t move we have a roof over our head.  My Mother in Law is wonderful and has let us share her house for the last year, I am sure she wants her house back but I also know she won’t kick us out yet 😉
  • We are healthy.
  • We have everything we need.

So.  Yeah.  Things suck, but that’s ok because even though things suck life is still an amazing wonderful thing.  Without the suck nothing would ever be truly beautiful anyways.