So.  I’ve been doing this new thing.  I signed up for Isagenix because I’m tired of not feeling at home in my own body.  I didn’t gain very much weight when I was pregnant with Not My Baby, only about 30 pounds.  And I’ve lost most of that.  I have about 6 pounds to go before I am at my pre-pregnancy weight.  But the thing is, I was already at my heaviest non-pregnant weight before the pregnancy.  And as much as I like to promote loving your body and self and all that, I do not feel comfortable in this skin.

So, I started using their 30 day system a week ago.  I gotta be honest, I’m a little surprised that they have been working.  I’m down 7 pounds, which NEVER happens.  Unfortunately, it would appear that at least some of the shakes have something in them that do not agree with me. I have weird food issues where certain foods will cause SERIOUS pain (similar to what people describe a gallbladder attack to be like).  I’ve chocked it up to having intolerance to certain things like eggs, avocado, and certain raw green veggies and fruits.  It sucks.  Especially because as I age certain safe foods will suddenly become unsafe.  But, not to worry because I am pretty sure it is only one flavor (strawberry, which sucks because it is pretty tasty).  I will just use other flavors and the Isalean Bars… the bars are SO good.  I could eat them forever and ever.  And ever.

My hope is to lose 30-40 pounds.  That would put me near the weight I was at when I was married.  And truthfully, maybe even less than that.  Because my body has changed so much in the last 15 years that I don’t know what I would look like if I were to be 145 pounds again.  Maybe I would look healthier at 160?  Who knows.  I will see when I get there.  All I know is that 185 is NOT the weight I am happy at, and it’s not because I think that its a big number, but because it’s so uncomfortable.

Anyway, I have the diet portion down for now, but I need to add the exercise part…  I’ve started going to yoga 2 times a week, and I MIGHT start going to a summer bootcamp.  But the sound of that scares me.  Maybe I will just start taking walks around the neighborhood.  That scares me too though, it is really freaking hot here in Arizona.  Maybe I will watch youtube and workout in the semi-privacy of home where only my kids will see me and laugh.

Anyway, that’s my 500 rambling words for today.  I’m off to cook some Chili Verde Chicken Enchilada’s for dinner.  Did I mention that my favorite part about the isagenix thing is that I don’t have to do much calorie counting.  The system lays out what you do all day, and then you have a sensible and healthy fork and knife meal for lunch or dinner.  Bonus!  I like when I don’t have to think about all the meals I am eating.  Lazy I know.  I’m cool with that 😉