It has been a whirlwind year!  Unfortunately, my website was experiencing technical difficulties for much of the first half of the year and I was unable to share all the good news here.  After a great deal of frustration and tears I ended up basically just building my site from the bottom up, sadly it appears I have lost the last several years of blog posts…  Hopefully we can figure out a way to restore them, I have all the entries but they have to be completely rebuilt and have the images and links and everything added again, I am not sure when I will have time for that.  Maybe it’s just the Universe telling me it’s time for something shiny and new!  And I have something shiny and new 🙂

On May 28th my debut novel, Rain Check, was released into the world.

rain check

For Avery Montgomery, the devastation of losing her parents in a tragic accident has left her completely shattered. As she begins to pick up the pieces of her once perfect life, she uncovers a secret that will forever change her—she’s adopted! 

In a search for answers, Avery ventures to Portland where she rents a room from Jonah, a quirky artist who quickly becomes her best friend. His house puts her in close proximity to the metaphysical shop run by her birth mother, the free-spirited Marianna Hutchins. Avery enters The Crystal Moon fully intending to confront Marianna, but instead she chickens out and inquires about a job. She’s hired; yet remains leery about confessing her secret. 

As Avery settles into town, she has an embarrassing encounter with Gabe, the incredibly attractive man who works a few doors down. Despite the awkward introduction, there is undeniable chemistry, but after a recent heartbreak all he’s looking for is friendship. 

Everyone deserves a second chance. Will Avery get hers with a new family? Will Gabe allow himself a second chance at love? Will they embrace their new relationships, or will they simply decide to take a rain check?

That is my cover.  Isn’t it gorgeous!  A local photographer, Brad Olson did a shoot for my cover, and the talented Laura from Book Fabulous Designs designed my cover.   I love it.  It totally conveys the feeling of the book.  Lighthearted and fun with a bit of romance for good measure.

I will be back soon to talk some more about my writing journey and what other things have been happening around here, there is so much to share!  <3
Meanwhile, if you want to read Rain Check, it’s available at the following fine locations.

Amazon            Barnes and Noble            Kobo