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    I'm Georgia, some people call me Gypsy. I'm an author, a photographer, a mama, a lover, and a dreamer. This site is a work in progress. Feel free to look around :) If you have questions feel free to contact me via my contact page. <3

Writing is Hard- as told by the cast of Supernatural



I’ve been writing.  Or rather, trying to write…  But lately, writing is hard.

I had this new idea for a new book.  And It was AWESOME.  I was so excited, and I planned the whole thing out.  I made Jennifer Miller sit down with me so I could plot it all out, and by the time we were done we were like this.


It was going to be awesome.  It was going to be AMAZING.  It was going to have more Jonah, and Wren, and a few glimpses of Avery and Gabe.  There were going to be shenanigans and crazy happenings.  There was going to be a hot guy, in a band.  It was perfect.

And then I started writing it.  And suddenly it wasn’t perfect anymore.  It was…  it was…  well.  It sucked.


So.  I shelved it for a bit.

It didn’t take long for me to have a new shiny idea.  The kind of shiny idea that will make a deep, dark, intense read.  The kind of shiny idea that was the complete opposite of the other one I had been working on.  It was going to be brilliant.  It would be a masterpiece.  People would UGLY CRY while they were reading it.  It was going to be beautiful, sweet torture to read.


So, once again I plotted it all out.  I spent hours making notecards and planning out pivotal scenes.  But when it came time to sit and write, my characters were silent.

They could not be bothered to speak.


I tried to force the words to come…  But, it didn’t work.


I’ve been taking it all in stride…  Obviously.


After two failed attempts at starting a new story, what’s a girl to do?  Well, clearly the only answer is to keep going forward.  I have dusted off an old bit of story that I saved a while back.  Something about it is speaking to me.  I think it may just be the one I’m supposed to be writing next.

It’s time to pour another cup of coffee.


There’s work to be done.


Signed Paperbacks of Rain Check Available Now!


They’re here! The paperbacks of Rain Check are here! Well… Actually there been here for awhile, but I had debated sending them back to the printer because the covers printed slightly darker and a teeeeeeny bit more red than they should have. After going back and forth with the company I just decided to sell them at a slight discount because it was a headache to send them back and wait for them to investigate only to possibly have them say it is a normal print variation.

So! I’m selling these babies, signed and shipped for only $12! If you buy a paperback on Amazon they are $14.99, so this is a great deal. Just fill out the form below and I will send you a paypal invoice for the book. Once it has cleared I will send you your signed book! Easy peasy.

Because of shipping costs I can only ship to US addresses at this time.

Lists and Moons

I like to make lists on full moons and new moons. I have this whole thing I do, if you’ve read Whispering Wishes by Jennifer Miller then you know what it is. True fact: I told Jennifer about my moon lists and it inspired her character Mischa.

I feel like these different times during a moon phase are powerful times to manifest things in my life, and tonight’s supermoon is going to be extra special. This moon comes at the perfect time, you see, I’m working on manifesting some big big things in the coming weeks. I can’t share a ton of details, but the gist of it is that I’m going to be a gestational surrogate and the embryo transfer is going to most likely be next weekend. I’m also working on the companion book to Rain Check, I need all the writing mojo I can get! And if I can manage it, I want to finish creating and actually run my essential oil class webinar.

What kind of magic will you be making tonight under that gorgeous full moon?

Summer Stresses


Summer vacation is hard for me. The never ending noise and constant output of energy and motion from my boys can sometimes take over and feel very overwhelming. I am the kind of person who really enjoys a quiet space. My kind of fun is reading a good book or sitting in a coffee shop writing.

This summer has been particularly stressful because we moved again and everything is just all kinds of crazy as we try to unpack and find places for the things we brought with us.

In addition to moving I am trying to write my next book, as well as figure out the school situation for our boys next year. I will be homeschooling Kid 2… This doesn’t thrill me, but it is the right decision for him this year. I’m looking into different homeschooling options now. Any input from any of you lovelies who have done this would be greatly appreciated as it will be very new for me.

All that said, even with the stresses this summer is pretty great. I just plugged one of my diffusers in and started diffusing one of my favorite oil blends, already I can feel some of the tension leaving. I’m getting ready to request some information from an online school for Kid 2, and I have my notebook next to me so I can plot out the next scene for my book.

Life is beautiful.

How is your summer? <3

So much pretty…

This morning, I was sitting on the couch enjoying my coffee when the doorbell rang. My husband answered and brought two boxes inside. I opened the boxes…


The contents were glorious.

I’ll be taking orders for signed copies later this week. 🙂