I like to make lists on full moons and new moons. I have this whole thing I do, if you’ve read Whispering Wishes by Jennifer Miller then you know what it is. True fact: I told Jennifer about my moon lists and it inspired her character Mischa.

I feel like these different times during a moon phase are powerful times to manifest things in my life, and tonight’s supermoon is going to be extra special. This moon comes at the perfect time, you see, I’m working on manifesting some big big things in the coming weeks. I can’t share a ton of details, but the gist of it is that I’m going to be a gestational surrogate and the embryo transfer is going to most likely be next weekend. I’m also working on the companion book to Rain Check, I need all the writing mojo I can get! And if I can manage it, I want to finish creating and actually run my essential oil class webinar.

What kind of magic will you be making tonight under that gorgeous full moon?