A boy of nearly three years old was watching a movie in the next room while I balanced our still very new four month old on my hip and waited for the results to appear in the window of the pregnancy test I had just taken.

He was a surprise.  But the best kind of surprise.  We weren’t planning to do this again so quickly, we already had two babies.  But then again, sometimes the best things aren’t planned at all.

He came right on time.  Sliding into our arms in the guest bathroom because I wouldn’t move to the birthing tub in the living room.  I remember that I got a massive leg cramp during the contraction that brought him earthside, so strong that my calf ached for days.  And I remember crying after he squeaked his first sounds.  I remember my midwife using oxygen on him, just for a minute because he was a little slow to pink up, but he really was fine.

His labor was the longest I had experienced (at that point) at around seven hours or so.  My water broke and we all thought he may be coming very quickly, because his brother’s labor was only one hour.  But then, nothing happened and after our midwife arrived we all decided to take a nap.  Several hours later she asked me to roll over for an exam, and at that point something in my body kicked into gear and the contractions came, fast and hard.  He was in our arms less than an hour later.  He was the biggest baby I’ve had.  9 lb. 3 oz and 21.5 inches long.  A full head of white hair, the likes of which none of us, even our midwife had never seen.

Happy Birthday Kael Morgan.  Each day with you is a gift to us all.  I hope that your tenth year is filled with all the wonder and magic you have brought into our lives.