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This photo is old.  Very old.  But in the fifteen years we’ve been together we have only

a handful of photos together.  I should really fix that…

Fifteen years ago we stood hands clasped, making promises.

We didn’t know where life would take us,

but we knew we wanted to take the journey together.

On our first date you told me that you wanted to marry

someone like me.  Which made no sense because

I was the opposite of you.

I was all short skirts and hair, nose rings and wild dreams.

You were clean cut in nice jeans, career driven with a plan.

But somehow we fit.

Like that show, Dharma and Greg.

And I sit here now looking around myself,

Taking in all that has come in these fifteen years.

A collection of moments and memories that will forever

stay in my heart.

Your hand resting against the curve of my hip

Each night as we drift into sleep.

Our ankles crossed, our legs tangled together.

The whispered goodnights and always “you’re my favorite”.

Fifteen years spent with you by my side.

My best friend.

My soul.

My love.

(I don’t think this is 500 words, but it will have to do because I’m writing this from my phone and

the app is being super wonky)