I wasn’t always who I am today.  I’ve remade myself.  Walked myself through fire and coal, dragged myself from ash and soot.  There were some years where I was so lost I couldn’t see my way through and I had to blindly navigate the dark waters.

But I did it.  And I’m here on the other side.  Reborn.

Sometimes creation and destruction are so intricately intwined it is hard to see where one begins and the other ends.  At least when you’re right down in the thick of it; when you are dismantling yourself brick by brick, and burning down all the walls, it is difficult to know whether you are actually making way for yourself to rise from the ash, or if you’re just leaving a path of ruin in your wake.   Eventually though, the two become more distant and you can see each for what it is.  Eventually you crawl into the waters, wash off the soot and ash and dust, and when you come out you see the world with new eyes.  And you’re grateful to have lost your old skin to the flames; being reborn soft, and pink, and new.


We decided to try something a little different this go around.  This installment required two different locations, which meant we needed to do two different sessions.  We are looking forward to sharing Part Two: Destruction with you soon.


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Each shot in this post was a collaboration, images of me were taken by Jessamyn, while images of her were taken by me and I did the edits you see here.  To see Jessamyn’s interpretation of our session please visit her here.