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Walking Through Storms

When I wrote Raincheck I was coming out of a really heavy, dark time.  There had been a number of deaths in our familyView full post »

In Her Skin: Holy Grief Sessions #1

I’ve decided to join up with a powerful group of women to explore the concept of grief, and how it resides in ourView full post »

The pains of growth and change ~ 500 words, 30 days- day 1

My beautiful friend Jessamyn has begun doing something recently that speaks to me, so I have decided to join her inView full post »

Time for a little reality

So, I’ve been working on Reality Check, the companion to Rain Check for months now.  Months and months ofView full post »

And then the clouds parted…

On Sunday I went out to dinner and a movie with Jennifer Miller.  We saw The Maze Runner, which you should really see,View full post »

Writing is Hard- as told by the cast of Supernatural

I’ve been writing.  Or rather, trying to write…  But lately, writing is hard. I had this new ideaView full post »

Signed Paperbacks of Rain Check Available Now!

They’re here! The paperbacks of Rain Check are here! Well… Actually there been here for awhile, but I hadView full post »

So much pretty…

This morning, I was sitting on the couch enjoying my coffee when the doorbell rang. My husband answered and brought twoView full post »

And then it was July…

I woke up today and realized it was already July 6th. How did that even happen? June was so hectic that it just snuck upView full post »

Rain Check is OUT!

It has been a whirlwind year!  Unfortunately, my website was experiencing technical difficulties for much of the firstView full post »