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Altered Music Box

I’ve been playing around with a bunch of different art projects lately, and this is one I started a month or soView full post »

Summer Magic

I was supposed to take the kids out today, to the place where the river cuts through the desert and theView full post »

Walking Through Storms

When I wrote Raincheck I was coming out of a really heavy, dark time.  There had been a number of deaths in our familyView full post »

In Her Skin: Holy Grief Sessions #1

I’ve decided to join up with a powerful group of women to explore the concept of grief, and how it resides in ourView full post »

The Holy Contradiction Project: Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Edition ~ Shadow and Illumination

There were words to go along with these images, but I burned them up and sent their ashes into the sky.        WeView full post »

Creation and Destruction~ The Holy Contradiction Project~ Part Two

Destruction… I lost myself once in a Starbucks parking lot.  I allowed the walls I had built up aroundView full post »

It is so good

You guys. Life is so good. Even when things are crazy and hard. Because you’re alive. And there are sunsets, andView full post »

Clarity and Confusion ~ The Holy Contradiction Project

“Look at this, Georgia.”  She said, showing me the photo she had just taken.  We had spent the afternoonView full post »

Introducing The Holy Contradiction Project

What is it that you need?  I asked myself.  Hand pressed to the mirror, searching my own eyes forView full post »

Happy Tenth Birthday Kid 3

A boy of nearly three years old was watching a movie in the next room while I balanced our still very new fourView full post »

I missed the moon

I missed the full moon. This probably seems weird to most people.  So what, it’s just a full moon.  But to me itView full post »

At the end of your comfort zone…

Sometimes life offers up wisdom or advice in the form of a random inspirational quote on the internet.  HoweverView full post »

Sometimes things suck

So.  Things suck lately.  Not all the things of course, but there are lots of things that are filled with suckView full post »

Things and Stuff ~ 500 Words, 30 Days- Day 5

I have been seriously failing at my 500 words a day.  I have lots of words in my head, but none of them areView full post »

Eleven turns around the sun ~ 500 Words, 30 Days- Day 4

I missed a few days there…  I guess I will just pick up where I left off. *** He’s 11 years old today.  ItView full post »