comfort zoneSometimes life offers up wisdom or advice in the form of a random inspirational quote on the internet.  However it comes, I’ll take it.  It’s time to shake things up and step outside of my comfort zone.

In an effort to gain some forward momentum, a beautiful soul friend and I will be undergoing a creative project…  I’m not ready to release the details of it all just yet, but it’s already underway and I am both nervous and excited for it.  Nervous because it is going to feel like walking out into a crowd naked, I actually think terrified might be a better word.  Excited because I see the potential for serious personal growth…  It will be interesting, if nothing else, to be able to examine myself during this project.  Our very first time getting together in preparation already stirred some deep emotions within both of us.

It’s going to be difficult and uncomfortable, it’s going to stretch us in ways that will hurt.  But it’s going to open our eyes and hearts and it is going to be oh so very good.  Did I mention I’m terrified?