clouds parted

On Sunday I went out to dinner and a movie with Jennifer Miller.  We saw The Maze Runner, which you should really see, because it was great.  And you should read the book too.  Read the book and then see the movie, and then thank me.  You’re welcome.  But anyway, we went out.  At dinner, we ordered breakfast foods because that is what you do at IHOP and we got to talking about how we were both just STUCK with our current writing projects and couldn’t seem to move forward with them.  As we were talking we had the realization that somehow we were approaching our writing differently than we had in the past, and we suddenly knew what we had to do to get back on track.  It was like the answer just slapped us in the faces.  We were so excited.  The clouds parted and a rainbow appeared over our waffles.

benedict cumberbatch rainbow

Everything was right in the world again.

So, today, we got together again and began doing things the way we do them.  See, Jennifer and I need to plan shit out.  We need to sit down and hash out in detail what is going to happen in our books.  So, that is what we did.  We planned out the next few chapters in specific detail, down to the conversations that will be had.  We were joined by our new friend Cora Brent, you may have heard of her.  She’s pretty cool and one of my new favorite writer peeps.  🙂

best friends

By the time we left breakfast this morning we had direction, and purpose and were READY to write.  Basically, it’s time to rock this.  Prepare yourself for the awesome.

totally awesome

P.S.  I kinda love gifs…  I might be using them a lot from now on.