Monthly Archives: July 2015

Ugly Kitchen House is Mine

We have moved.  We put an offer on the house over 80 days ago… And at the last minute our loan peopleView full post »

Keep Collective and Telling Your Story

There’s been this running theme in my life for the last few years, it’s all about telling your story.  WhenView full post »

Clarity and Confusion ~ The Holy Contradiction Project

“Look at this, Georgia.”  She said, showing me the photo she had just taken.  We had spent the afternoonView full post »

Introducing The Holy Contradiction Project

What is it that you need?  I asked myself.  Hand pressed to the mirror, searching my own eyes forView full post »

Happy Tenth Birthday Kid 3

A boy of nearly three years old was watching a movie in the next room while I balanced our still very new fourView full post »

I missed the moon

I missed the full moon. This probably seems weird to most people.  So what, it’s just a full moon.  But to me itView full post »

At the end of your comfort zone…

Sometimes life offers up wisdom or advice in the form of a random inspirational quote on the internet.  HoweverView full post »

Sometimes things suck

So.  Things suck lately.  Not all the things of course, but there are lots of things that are filled with suckView full post »