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    I'm Georgia, some people call me Gypsy. I'm an author, a photographer, a mama, a lover, and a dreamer. This site is a work in progress. Feel free to look around :) If you have questions feel free to contact me via my contact page. <3

Creation and Destruction~ The Holy Contradiction Project: Part One



I wasn’t always who I am today.  I’ve remade myself.  Walked myself through fire and coal, dragged myself from ash and soot.  There were some years where I was so lost I couldn’t see my way through and I had to blindly navigate the dark waters.

But I did it.  And I’m here on the other side.  Reborn.

Sometimes creation and destruction are so intricately intwined it is hard to see where one begins and the other ends.  At least when you’re right down in the thick of it; when you are dismantling yourself brick by brick, and burning down all the walls, it is difficult to know whether you are actually making way for yourself to rise from the ash, or if you’re just leaving a path of ruin in your wake.   Eventually though, the two become more distant and you can see each for what it is.  Eventually you crawl into the waters, wash off the soot and ash and dust, and when you come out you see the world with new eyes.  And you’re grateful to have lost your old skin to the flames; being reborn soft, and pink, and new.


We decided to try something a little different this go around.  This installment required two different locations, which meant we needed to do two different sessions.  We are looking forward to sharing Part Two: Destruction with you soon.


To learn more about The Holy Contradiction project, please read our original posts here and here.  You can also view our first sessions here.

Each shot in this post was a collaboration, images of me were taken by Jessamyn, while images of her were taken by me and I did the edits you see here.  To see Jessamyn’s interpretation of our session please visit her here.

It is so good

You guys.
Life is so good.
Even when things are crazy and hard.
Because you’re alive.
And there are sunsets, and rainstorms, and puppies, and wishes on stars.
The hard stuff is what makes all the good stuff so good.
It’s the rough edges and sandpaper grit that scrubs the dirt and the muck and the shit off of an ordinary rock and turns it into a gem.

Ugly Kitchen House is Mine


Sally the Chicken, sitting on my lap in the car on the way to our new house…

We have moved.  We put an offer on the house over 80 days ago… And at the last minute our loan people called and needed more stuff.  So we got it, and waited.  And waited…  And waited.  And I got to the point where I was sure it would never happen.  But then, at the very last moment it happened.  We rushed down to sign papers, and picked up the keys the next day.  

The last two days have been a mad rush of packing and moving and unpacking, but it’s already feeling like home.  

I plan to paint all the things.  The house is perfect for us and has amazing bones but it is in desperate need of some updating.  The kitchen is especially fabulous with it’s lowered ceiling and 4 inch brown ceramic tiles and ancient oak cabinets.  

Seriously though, I’m so in love.  

Keep Collective and Telling Your Story

love keep stack

There’s been this running theme in my life for the last few years, it’s all about telling your story.  When I was doing a lot of photography my business theme was Let me help you tell your story and my own personal motto has been Tell your story for quite some time.  Before I became a photographer I was a jewelry artist.  I made soldered glass jewelry with butterfly wings encased inside them, I also often included small words and phrases.  Many times these were custom orders with words that the client requested because they were so important to them.  A name, or date.  Something as simple as a reminder to breathe.  All of these things were part of someone’s story, and part of what I believe made my Gypsy Wings line so special.  Honestly, I believe these things so deeply that I had the words inked permanently into my skin about a month ago.


After making and selling custom jewelry online for 7 years, I finally closed up shop.  I loved what I did, but it was time to move on to new adventures.  This was about the time I wrote and published Rain Check.  However, the desire to create has never left me.  I just wanted to do so in different ways…  Which is why I ultimately joined Keep Collective.

From their website: a collection of ONE-OF-A-KIND, interchangeable Keepers and Keys. Each one is a wearable touchstone, an instant reminder of the big things, the small things, and all the things that matter.

This customizable collection is the perfect way to tell your story.  You can collect different keys (charms) and Keepers (the bracelets and pendants) and wear them in unlimited combinations.  As soon as I got a good look at them I was hooked.  My favorite part is that everyone gets to design their own, I loved being the creator and designer of Gypsy Wings, but I am so excited to share the opportunity for others to make something of their own that they will cherish.

So, I guess this is my official announcement.  I am now a designer for Keep Collective and I look forward to seeing what stories you have to tell.  If you are interested if finding out more about the jewelry, feel free to message me here.  Or you can join the group I have created on facebook, HERE.  I will be hosting some online socials very soon and for anyone local I will be having some here locally as well.  If you would like to poke around my shop, feel free!  You can find that HERE.  <3 <3 <3

all things are possible

Clarity and Confusion ~ The Holy Contradiction Project

“Look at this, Georgia.”  She said, showing me the photo she had just taken.  We had spent the afternoon moving through the rooms in her house, carefully examining and trying to represent the words clarity and confusion.  Both of us getting excited at the newest photo we took.  Interesting that we each had a difficult time seeing our own images, but instantly saw the raw, true beauty in the photos we took of each other.  I was curled up in her bathtub, leaning against the wall and strategically covering as much of my body as I could.  “Look, do you see this?  Do you see you?”  For the millionth time I found myself on the verge of tears.  It was hard to look at.  It isn’t easy to confront yourself in such a way, to strip down, not only figuratively but literally… but that’s why we were doing it in the first place.

Can I just tell you, it is exhausting, being ok.  Being ok takes a lot of energy.  People expect you to be ok more often than not, and they don’t know what to do when you’re lost in the trenches.  It takes effort to maintain the appearance of ok.  Taking down the bricks and exposing my heart during our session felt immense.  Allowing my wounds to be seen and witnessed…  It was both what I needed and what I feared.  What I know is that walking through the darkness is bringing me some of the clarity I so need, but to get there I have to sit in the shadows and rest for awhile.

The last few months have been a mixed bag of emotion for me.  While I am profoundly grateful to have experienced some life changing events, there are moments where I feel broken by some of the after effects.  On the hard days it feels like confusion takes over, throwing me completely off balance.  The thing is, I don’t know how it happened.  One day everything was good.  Then there was a shifting of tides and the sand was washing away under my feet and the water was pulling me, dragging me out to sea… and now sometimes it seems like keeping my head above water is the best I can do.  This isn’t every moment of every day of course, it isn’t even every day.  But the confusion and sadness and disillusionment make their appearances often enough.

All I know is that I can’t see the end of the path from here.  I’m on a road that twists and turns, and right now the sun is low and it’s hard to see through the trees and I can’t see around the bend up ahead.  I also know that the sun will set on this day, or this week, or this month, and when it does I will wake up and watch the sunrise.

I’m meeting myself at the intersection between being ok, and not, and I’m wading through the confusion to where the light will illuminate the truth.


To learn more about The Holy Contradiction project, please read our posts here and here.

Each shot in this post was a collaboration, images of me were taken by Jessamyn, while images of her were taken by me and I did the edits you see here.  To see Jessamyn’s interpretation of our session please visit her here.